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About us

MUST GROUP CO, LTD is the pioneer of Malaysia’s Luxury Retail; we continuously develop over the years and achieve the market role as one of the leading retailers in Malaysia, occupying 30% Malaysia’s Luxury market which includes our 50 prestigious international brands under our portfolio. The Group has seized 17 subsidiaries and 18 joint-ventures after its establishment since 2019.


“Future belongs to those who see possibilities beforehand.”

Look Beyond

We look beyond what is being offered in Malaysia to be the pioneer in every industries and sectors we are representing. We understand that finest experiences should be accessible to everyone. We appreciate the mutual visuals, imagination, courage, and passion everyone shares; together, we create a bright future. MUST GROUP CO, LTD. supports this vision as we deliver the finest brands, products, and services to Malaysia. We will never stop breaking through barriers to become the top retail business operator and the leading investor in non-aviation business in Malaysia & the region to provide accessibility for Malaysian to World-class experiences.

Our Core Values

Genuineness & Integrity

Genuineness, transparency, and credibility are our BENCHMARK for every of our operating direction.


We respect our culture and look forward to the future with dynamism and modernity. We believe CLIENT CENTRIC brings out the best values to our customers and partners.

Passion & Pride

We are passionate in selectively searching for best premium brands and developing many more categories of products for SUPERIOR delivery.

Pursuit of Excellence

We aim to create a culture of EXCELLENCE in operating our corporation, offering selective products & services, and enhancing relationship with customers and partners.



After 03 years of establishment and alongside our endeavors towards business operation contributing to the development of Malaysia Economy, MUST GROUP CO, LTD. persistently makes a meaningful impact to the society through various societal activities such as child support and culture enhancement. As so, we have faithfully accomplished our social mission on contributing our resources and influences to national advancement.

 We have contributed to national development by means of sharing our core values to the community and national culture as long as we take part in elevating Malaysia Economy. We also play a part in Malaysia’s philanthropic bodies, charity events, and social activities in parallel with business activities to accomplish our mission of bringing the best of the World to Malaysia!

Top 500 Malaysia Fastest Growing Enterprises in 2019, ranking 100th nationwide

HR Asia – Best Companies to Work for in Asia in 2020.



Every little step matters. We have built strong foundation and distinctive development for MUST GROUP CO, LTD. over the years. Please watch MUST GROUP CO, LTD.’s landmarks and developing milestones.

 With more than USD 2 Million of investment into 10 projects in Malaysia, MUST GROUP CO, LTD. has become a bridge, a prestigious spotlight that attracts investment, and have made MUST GROUP CO, LTD. a trailblazer unlocking national economic potentials and opportunities.



MUST GROUP CO., LTD. is always looking for talents to join us through our development journey. We welcome positive, energetic, hardworking people to join our MUST GROUP CO., LTD.



The Master Research Collaboration Agreement Signing Ceremony between MUST GROUP CO, LTD. and WEIFENG TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. (SINGAPORE).

Contact us

Must Group Co., Ltd.

Address: Level 15 (A2), Main Office Tower Financial Park Complex, Jalan Merdeka,

87000, Federal Territory Of Labuan, Malaysia.